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Assured Tracking, the worldwide tracking solutions company for supply chain, logistics, asset management and control industries, has partnered with Hugo Gomez to launch its Assured Tracking 24x7 division. As Director of Security, Gomez’s duties will include providing a complete logistics security solution to Assured Tracking’s customers and overseeing the live 24x7 monitoring and recovery center.

“Our company thrives in being the leader in anti-theft security and monitoring when it comes to protecting our clients’ assets,” said David Seijo, president of Assured Tracking Inc. “In recent news, the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) released alarming data that there were cargo theft incidents that equated to an identified loss value of over $171,000,000. The FBI estimates those losses at $30 billion annually. The partnership with Hugo Gomez solidifies our company’s continued mission to bringing in the most talented and knowledgeable security experts to prevent high-value business cargo theft and assist in real-time recovery.”

A 25-year veteran of the anti-theft industry, Gomez spent eight years at TOMCATS’ Robbery Bureau - Cargo Crimes Section. He was responsible for investigating cargo thefts with multiple agencies. He also worked at the Economic Crimes Bureau for the Auto Theft Task Force. His responsibilities included investigations of organized auto thefts countrywide. Gomez has served as a professional consultant for high-profile companies while he investigated matters involving cargo theft/security and also conducting security surveys.

Gomez’s professional and civic associations include: American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS), International Cargo Security Council (ICSC) and National Association of Technical Investigators Association (NATIA). He also served as Vice President of the Florida Cargo Security Council (FCSC).

Founded in 2004, Assured Tracking has become the preferred worldwide provider of GPS tracking solutions with distributors and service providers in all continents. Assured Tracking provides tracking solutions to comply with the Customs Protection Regulations as part of the Container Security Initiative. Assured Tracking strives to secure and protect people and assets at the various points in the supply chain, increase productivity and improve customer satisfaction within the end-to-end logistics, asset management and control industries. For more information about Assured Tracking, please visit our website:, email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call: 1-888-479-1650.


The National Insurance Crime Bureau identified in its 2010 Report on Cargo Theft 747 incidents with an identified loss value of $171 million.

NICB identifies patterns and locations where most cargo theft occurs. Most of the theft activity occurs in truck stops, parking lots, warehouses and port cities.


Agents respond to system alerts and coordinate response based on client and Assured Tracking’s protocols:

  • Load departure and arrival notification
  • Stop notification
  • Out of route alert
  • GeoFence violation

How often are the alarms ignored by your staff during the day, at night and weekends? 24x7 or After Hours fleet monitoring protects your fleet and assures customer service. Agents respond according to your Company’s protocol to Alerts and Alarms such as:

  • Delayed
  • Out of Route
  • Unauthorized movements
  • Temperature Threshold

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Assured Tracking Inc was founded in 2004 to provide tracking solutions to comply with the Customs Protection Regulations as part of the Container Security Initiative. We have since evolved to focus on a broader scope of tracking solutions for Businesses and People.

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