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Our Assured Tracking App (at. Compass™ ) lets you know 24/7 the exact location of all your vehicles, if they are moving, stopped or idling, at what distance from a desired location, etc. By increasing the efficiency of your operations, better routes and monitoring driver behaviour, with at. Compass™ you will also be able to increase your services without having to add vehicles and expensive driver labour or overtime costs.


Route optimization, fuel monitoring, temperature monitoring, driver logs, driver identification
are just a few of all the features our App provides for you. Have a look at our Testimonial session to read our customers take on how Assured Tracking has helped them be more efficient resulting in
cost savings and a tangible increase in customer service.


Define a schedule with our “Allowed Working Hours” and our system will automatically block the vehicle’s starter during the specified time interval. No user action is required. We also provide driver ID to make sure only authorized drivers can make use of your fleet. Our Driver Behaviour module lets you keep track of vehicle proper use: sudden accelerations, harsh brake as well as collision notifications.


Our ELD solution (HOS+DVIR+IFTA) was certified and listed by the FMCSA in 2016. With our paperless solution you always have up to the minute, logged hours and you will be notified of any violation. Team drivers? Not a problem, our solution is a perfect fit for team drivers keeping logs for each driver, making the logs available, on the road, for any DOT agent request.




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Assured Tracking Inc was founded in 2004 to provide tracking solutions to comply with the Customs Protection Regulations as part of the Container Security Initiative. We have since evolved to focus on a broader scope of tracking solutions for Businesses and People.

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